Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fresh out of the kiln!

This was the top layer - a cherry Three Olive bottle, two wine bottles, a Pinnacle
bottle & a berry Three Olive bottle

This was the bottom layer, wine bottle on the left, two blue bottles & a
mojito mix bottle, then another large wine bottle

These were in the middle layer, I forgot to get a picture before I took them out!
A Crown Royal bottle, fish bottle, Coke bottle & a Corona bottle.

All in all a productive kiln day! There was only one that didn't come out like I had hoped. On the firing before this one I had put in a very large Grey Goose bottle, when the kiln was cooled down I noticed the Grey Goose was cracked, almost like it had been hit, by what I have no idea as it was on the top layer. So anyway I figured what the heck, I put it back in with this batch and put it on the shelf that gets the hottest thinking maybe it would fuse back together.......well no such luck, but not really out anything. I will come up with some way to use those pieces! : )

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