Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Playing with Glass Again!

two blue mason jars, one in mold and the other on the shelf
 I had to stop the kiln before it was finished as there was a nasty storm that came through & I figured since there were tornado sirens going off in the distance, it would be better to shut down and go in the house instead of being in the loft of the barn! : ) Luckily there was no damage in our area and it didn't seem to affect the jars - although I did redo the one that was in the mold because it hadn't slumped as much as I wanted it to.

This is the one that was just on the shelf

one of the mason jars from yesterday and a blue wine bottle, kinda hard to tell it is blue right now!
Cooling down so colors are coming through
still cooling

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Latest projects

Clear soda bottle in mold & small perrier bottle flat on thinfire paper

Getting warmer

At the highest temp (1450)

both bottles after firing and cooling down

just about flat as a pancake

soda bottle, curved from mold

Oliver bottle and leaf molds

Bored while waiting on kiln to get to temp, so, pic of top of perrier bottles - 3 of them in a row

from the side

at highest temp, time to flash vent

all dressed, umm, protected with glasses, mask and gloves! Great look, huh?! LOL