Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another day playing with glass!

I am that is! : ) I have the big kiln, which we call Dorothy, full  of bottles today. I sure wish it was warmer outside though - I have to keep both windows open with the fan going to get rid of the fumes. I am hoping for a negative pressure ventilation system for an early Christmas present.....hint, hint to hubby! LOL
Pictures tomorrow or the next day of today's results. Plus pictures of the frit maker he made for me! It is so nice to have a handy husband! : )

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Booth Space

My booth space at Hidden Treasures

close up of two slumped bottles and bowl made from broked pieces

1 slumped bottle, 2 slumped bottles with bowl shape

another broken glass bottle & a slumped bottle for spoon rest

2 bottle wall vases

2 bottle clocks & slumped Corona bottles

incense burner, vase and another incense burner